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TKS is a step ahead of other businesses in more than just our service, integrity, accountability, transparency and dedication. Our commitment to doing an excellent job and making sure our clients are informed and involved thorough out the process helps distinguish us from the rest of the field.

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Water Leaking? Not Cold? Can’t Turn On? Just through a phone call, you can have an experienced staff come to your house and give a right treatment to your ventilation system.


We will identify and advise the customer on final repair cost upon investigation, followed by a suggestion for how to avoid it in the future.


We have the speed and experience technician in retail aircond installation to advise you on the most value-for-money choice for your home or retail aircond installation.
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Allan Gan

Petaling Jaya

Very prompt and excellent service. Careful to fully clean the split unit & to make sure it’s cooling effect is back to normal. Highly recommended

Mohd Subhie

Kuala Lumpur

Your staff were very competent. They did their work fast, cleaned up after themselves and most importantly were punctual. It was all in all a good experience.



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We covered aircond service and repair for entire KLANG VALLEY.

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Air Cond Servicing FAQ

TKS Aircond Service
  • Clean and check filter
  • Filter checking, cleaning and washing
  • Cleaning of air conditioning evaporator coil
  • Check gas level
  • Flush drainage system
  • Checking of air conditioning fan bearing
  • Test-run system to make sure system is in proper working condition

Your air conditioner units need full service once in a while. Fullservicing refers to taking down the entire air conditioner and cleaning it thoroughly. The air conditioning fins will be washed in a process called Chemical Flushing. Stubborn dirt inside the air conditioner will be flushed out this way.

Chemical flushing covers:

  • Spraying chemical on air conditioner coil
  • Clearing drainage system with chemical
  • Refilling R22 gas
  • Checking of thermostats and control
  • Test-running the air conditioning units

If your air conditioner units have not been serviced for more than 1 year, we recommend that you sign up for this service. Overhaul servicing with chemical flushing is used best to clean and maintain your air conditioners, especially if you have an air conditioner which leaks water. The price for this service depends on the Horse Power (HP) of your air conditioning unit and this service also includes refilling with 10 PSI (gas).

Give us a call and we will send a team to check your problematic air conditioning units.

  • RM80 per air conditioning unit
  • Covers labour and checking costs

If your air conditioning unit needs part replacements or any other servicing, we will advise you before we proceed to replace or repair your unit. If your air conditioner needs to be refilled with gas, see prices below. The coolant or gas used is a refrigerant called chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). If your air conditioner does not contain enough CFCs, your unit will not be able to cool your room properly.

We will help you refill R22, the refrigerant of choice, for your air conditioners. The price depends on the Horse Power (HP) of your air conditioning unit and PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch),which is the common unit of measurement for pressure. Call us for detailed pricing on your air conditioning unit.

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